Energetic Refinement

of Real Estate

Good vibrations in your space –

Good Vibes for you

S stars - Refinment - Real-Estate-Vibrations

Symphony of Possibilities

Luxury vibes for body, beauty, business & being

Inspirations for your real estate to inner luxury, vibrant beauty and conscious enhancement


Energetic refinement with luxury vibes

High vibrating and inspiring luxury atmosphere in your property

Have your real estate energetically refined and invigorated.
Enriched with energy of bliss, gratitude, creativity, vitality, sensuality, vibrancy and beauty.
Perfectly supports consciousness, inner luxury, body & potential awareness and development.

Live & Work & Be highly inspired and get the award for your property

Energetically refined, enriched and shining
💫 Symphony of Possibilities 💫

Awarded from

Institute V.I.B.E.S.


Let your property / living space inspire you to

know more,
to perceive more,
to receive more and be more!

Spoil Yourself with the energetic refinement of your real estate

Conditions energetic refinement


The property / living space has been energetically cleansed and clarified. The award with the seal of quality “Clear & Pure Living Space” was not more than 12 months ago. See ENERGETIC CLEARING OF REAL ESTATE

The living space has been already vitalized / connected to the energyflow of earth. The property has the award “Holistic Well-Being Space” or it will be done together. See ENERGETIC VITALISATION OF REAL ESTATE

You can also have it carried out all in one go – then the energetic cleaning will be done first and then the vitalization and the refinement immediately afterwards.


Pricing is mainly calculated according to the size of the building / property.
Please contact us to receive an individual offer.

Procedure / Conditions

The energetic refinement takes place on site.

For this purpose, all rooms must be accessible and preferably unoccupied. Depending on the scope / intensity of work, this can take several days to weeks. For large properties overnight stays on site need to be provided.


Increase in value and sales promotion with energy enhancement

We make your property shine bright like a diamond - Energetic boost for Sale

Shining Bright Like a Diamond

You want to energetically upgrade your property for sale?
You want to make your real estate shine energetically, so that it quickly attracts the right buyer?

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