Energetic Boost for sale

your Property

You have a house, a villa, a building, land or a special property that you would like to sell?

You have been trying to sell your property for a while, but somehow it is not as easy as you thought?

Or you don’t want to leave it to chance to quickly find the “right” buyer and bring the sale to a conclusion ?

Energetic boost

Perfect preparation and support for sale:

We make your property shine like a diamond and sale fast - Energetic boost for sale and energetic facelift for your real estate

Energetic boost for sale your property

The preparation includes the cleansing and clearing of old energies and the elimination of burdensome heavy energies. Clear, heart-opening energies are invited as well as high-frequency and good vibrations. This enhances and refines the property and makes it shine.

💫 When your property vibrates higher, the heart of the buyer vibrates higher too! 💫


Let your property shine bright like a diamond !

So your property becomes visible and noticeable to potential buyers who are attracted to this vibration / this diamond. 

Energetic “sales dress” that attracts the „right“ buyer.

Energetic Facelift for your Real Estate

Energetic facelift means that the true beauty becomes visible to the outside. Visible in this case not for the eye alone, but for all senses – even for those that we are often unaware of, those that can be felt regardless of distance and focus.


The Shining reaches all senses and attracts the suitable buyer

The energetic shining reaches these senses – the clearer, purer and more intense this energetic radiance is, the clearer the invitation becomes for the new owner. 


Energetic boost for Sale

Different possibilities – Work on success base

We offer different ways of working and pricing.

We prefer to work on a success basis and receive our commission when you have sold and are happy !!

For further information, appointments and details please contact us.

We make your property shine

and sell quickly!