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ART in Real Estate creates Good Vibes – ARTanija

Art in real estate creates good vibes ? How ?  What does art have to do with vibes?What kind of vibration do colors have and how do colors, shapes and signs affect the atmosphere in a room or the vibes in the space ?May we invite you to experience the possibilities to...

The Power of the Tower in Germany

What would it be like to be the owner of a tower in Germany? Tower with power seeks powerful company or artistfor joint creation and mutual inspiration!    This is a place of power that encourages creativity, productivity and vitality and radiates and provides...

Change Ownership: Clearing Energetic Leftovers

Have you bought or inherited a property and are moving in?You've probably got rid of everything from the former owner. You may be renovating, refurbishing, rebuilding, redesigning and adapting it to your needs. How about getting rid of the old energy too? How about...

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