Change Ownership: Clearing Energetic Leftovers

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November 10, 2023

Have you bought or inherited a property and are moving in?
You’ve probably got rid of everything from the former owner. You may be renovating, refurbishing, rebuilding, redesigning and adapting it to your needs.

How about getting rid of the old energy too? How about disposing, clearing out and releasing all the energy left over from the previous residents and the past?

Have your property energetically cleaned before you move in!

Create a clear & fresh energy for you and your family in your new property. Make sure that nothing that has lived, experienced, happened or taken place there in the past affects you in any way and remains tangible.

The influence of energic leftovers from previous residents and the past

In fact, every intense feeling or experience, every fixed opinion or philosophy of life, every conflict leaves a vibration in the house that often settles in the room and the walls and can be felt there for years to come.

Of course, this is not obvious and cannot be assigned to everyone. But it can certainly have an effect on the body, mood, health, drive, etc.

Have you ever entered a house where the air was somehow thick or which seemed dark and oppressive despite sufficient light – is this an example of the perception of these vibrations? Sometimes you can literally feel a previous argument. Even more intense events such as violence, abuse or death often leave behind an energy that is not only oppressive and stressful, but can also trigger fear. In most cases, it is not possible to assign such conditions / fears and to change them.

Well-being and an unhindered flow of life right from the start

We enable you to experience something different and to be yourself without being influenced. Move into your new home with your own energy, your joy, motivation, mood and vision and let it permeate the space and the building.

Treat yourself to a new start with fresh, pure, light and clear energy and let your life flow unhindered …

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